"Whiskey's Sunset"

Posted on June 5, 2022

Last updated on June 5, 2022

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June's Comment

Eyyyy, new person on the fanart section!

Holy shit, it's rameNwaterbottle!

She was accepting requests on her Newgrounds page, so I decided to request Big Whiskey

as of expected, and she ended up accepting it!

So after torturous one or two days, she finished the piece and uploaded it on Newgrounds

and holy shit, let me tell you, my expectations were already pretty high, I was unironically

pretty excited to see what she'd come up with, and when she finally uploaded it, my expectations

were not only surprassed, but blown away.

This is no exaggeration when I say; this is one of the coolest things anyone ever did for me.

I've been honestly thinking about sunsets a lot recently, reminding of the days when I'd get the

bus after school, both to go to my dad's house and return to my mom's home, and I'd remember I'd

look through the window in amazement to the sun setting down, and how the bright lights of the city

would make even some of the most mistreated places a beautiful neon paradise, while I'd either listen

to music on my phone, or play Mother 3 on it, even though it would suck at times to wait for the bus

the loud people, and a lot of waiting to get to my destiny, it was also kinda fun, and in a way, every

time I ride a bus, it always comforts me in a weird way, in fact, every time I hear some of the

songs from Mother 3, I always remind myself of these strangely comforting times riding buses

It's very weird, but public transporation has something uniquely strange to it... kinda.

This piece in a weird way is strangely comforting

I love the setting a lot, actually

The way Big Whiskey is just looking at the unknown horizon, looking a little bit worried about something

while the wind is just blowing through him and the leafs, his hair and his clothes flowing in the air

it's honestly magical how it has such a "wonderful" feeling to it, I specially like how she made him have

his shirt in display aswell, it's incredibly weird how in many ways. it's reminiscent of the old me

I've always been wearing jackets, and I always loved just looking at the scenery around me, and the places

where I used to go also used to be incredibly windy, so the wind would be constantly blowing on my eyes and

I'd always be holding a hand over my eyes to try and keep my vision clear, and in general, I just love the

posing and composition of this piece as a whole, it feels very "hopeful" in a weird way

Even if we're afraid, we're always looking ahead, towards the future.

This is one of my new favorite things, and I absolutely love everything about it

The colors, the pose, the scenario, the way everything is composed, the feeling it holds, it's magical

and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Give Ramen some love, go check the rest of her art, it's great.

Once again, that was it, for now.

Peace out, suckers. It's been real.