"Anime Whiskey"

Posted on May 1, 2022

Last updated on May 1, 2022

June's Comment

Oh yeah, this one

This one's probably one of my favorite ones

Hell, I literally created the "Special" folder because of this single art

2021 wasn't exactly a good year either, but there was definitely highlights

One of those highlights was meeting Cosmo and one of her friends

I remember spending a good part of the ending of 2021 talking with them both, and it

was honestly such a nice change of pace to what felt like five years of absolute misery

and I don't want to dive too much into this kind of stuff right now, since I'm genuinely

feeling good about life right now, but it felt like I finally managed to drag myself

out of hell, and there was finally something waiting for me in the tomorrow

One day out of nowhere, while we were in the middle of a voice call, Cosmo made me this

picture, and I remember how happy I was, and I instantly saved it everywhere and set it

as my PFP for a good while on pretty much everywhere, and even up to this day, I still

really love this picture

Most of the time when people draw me or my character, they either give him a neutral

expression, or make him very angry and/or sad, rightfully so, since it's what I always

intended for him to be, me, but this was one of the first and few times someone actually

made him look so bright and happy, which is still kinda funny to me, it definitely has a

"hopeful" feeling to it, much like what I was feeling around that time, and this piece will

forever be one of my favorite ones, I love this.

She deserves it all, please, give her your support.

That's about it for now

I hope you're all are having a good day

I'll see you around.