"Big Womanizer Whiskey"

Posted on June 29, 2022

Last updated on June 29, 2022

June's Comment

Holy shit.

The site is getting updated again? No fucking way!

That's right, amigo, and I'm bringing you an update in the form of fanart!

And once again it's from BeatumPopcorn!

This one is quite funny, because there's a little story behind it

Recently, I've been drawing on Drawpile and Aggie.io with rameNwaterbottle quite a lot

and one of the Aggie.io sessions we had was pretty much us two shipping our characters

So it was pretty much Mokkori x Big Whiskey, and it was honestly kinda adorable (and hot)

and Beatum thought it was cute too, but since we've been fooling around with pairing

Caira and Big Whiskey ever since we started talking, he thought it was kinda funny how

"he got cucked by alien pussy", and there we go, we have this funny little piece that

gives us a good knee slapper, that makes you go hoho, and makes me go hehe

I just love the expressions in this, honestly, and the fact he decided to make

Big Whiskey an manlet is fucking perfect.

Remember; cheating is no good!

Also, go check the rest of Beatum's stuff out too.

Once again, we reach the end of our journey, but don't worry

the horizon is anything but empty

I'll be back, and I'll make you smile again, jus t you wait

Hopefully, you're having a good night

I'll see you around.