"Beatum's Big Whiskey"

Posted on April 29, 2022

Last updated on May 1, 2022

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June's Comment

The fanart page is finally up, and what's the best way than to premier it with the person that

helped me a lot recently, both with coming back to art, and in general is just absolutely

the greatest and the coolest person ever, BeatumPopcorn.

I've been talking to this fella for a good while now, and he helped me get into a good mood again

He even was the reason why I got my tablet working again, and in general the reason why I've been

getting back into art again, and not only I've been spending a good amount of time with him, but

he also made me so truly amazing stuff recently, and I think it's only fitting if he's one of the

debut artists in the fanart page, and honestly, I love this piece to death, even if it's still not

finished yet. I really like the way he colors everything, the way he draws bodies, and I specially

love his expressions, he really captured the feeling of "a badass asshole" Big Whiskey has, and I'm

legitimately excited to see it finished!

Aaaaaaand it's finished

And it looks fucking incredible

I specially adore the reference to the fanart I've made for him with the bird and the fact this

drawing and the drawings I've made for him kinda have a continuation when you piece them together

The first part being my first fanart, the second part being this piece, and the third being the

fanart I've made stylized in the TBOI style, this little story is really adorable, and this art

is incredible, and I love it, and I will forever cherish it.

Seriously, go give his art a check, right now! give him your love and a follow!

That's about it for now

I hope you're all are having a good day

I'll see you around.