"Big Ass Whiskey"

Posted on April 29, 2022

Last updated on April 29, 2022

June's Comment

What's that? Another Beatum fanart?

Damn, we're really on a roll, aren't we lads?

And this one? My god, it's fucking amazing

Starting with the angle, I absolutely love how Big Whiskey is framed in the art, it's such

a good angle, it really helps set the melancholic tone that he went with this one

in general, I just love how in many ways, he nails my character better than I do, lmao

One of the main things that pleases me in this is the expression, I always like drawing

Big Whiskey with a defeated expression, since y'know, he's supposed to be me, and I mentioned

this in earlier posts, Beatum NAILS when it comes to faces and expressions, it's fan-fucking-tastic

Also, little trivia, this art is based on one of the sketches I showed him on discord, explaining why

Big Whiskey always wears arm bandages and how he keeps hurting his hands, Caira was in the sketch too

but she's not in this piece, unfortunately :(

This is also the background for the main fanart page, so yes, this one is absolutely incredible.

Real, go support his art, he's pretty fucking awesome!

That's about it for now

I hope you're all are having a good day

I'll see you around.