Fuck Twitter

Posted on July 3, 2022

Last updated on July 3, 2022

Kept you waiting, huh?

I can't believe I'm doing one of these again after so long, but I'm glad I am, because today

we're going to be talking about something I'm very passionate about for all of the wrong reasons

Social Medias, most specifically, Twitter.

My distaste for social medias has been made clear multiple times, not only on my website like in

the "Early 2000's Internet" blog post and even on my Newgrounds account, but everyone who had the

displeasure of knowing me personally knows how much I despise social medias, with most of this

fierce hate going towards Twitter, and for a little time, I tried giving Twitter a chance once

once again after such a long time, specially since a lot of time has passed, and a lot has changed

including me, and maybe giving it a chance again could give me a different perspective on things

It fucking didn't, all it did was to remind me why I despise that place to begin with.

Let's start with arguably the least offensive thing about Twitter; the site design

One of the main reasons why I even made my own website to begin with was to spite on every single

lazy and uninspired site out there that decided that having no personality nor intuitive navigation

was a good idea just because everyone else is doing it too (AKA corporate designs/logos)

Let's make one thing clear; I don't hate simplicity, in fact, I love it, just because you're

streamlining things and cutting the unecessary fat doesn't mean you're making things dull, in fact

it can be quite beneficial to a lot of things, such as designing websites or even creating character

designs, but what I hate is when people strip features or personality out of something either because

everyone else is doing it, or because they're too lazy to come up with something new or creative

Simplicity is not the problem, lazyness is.

And Twitter's design (and by extension sites like Facebook and Instagram) is absolute god awful

both in terms of how they look and how you navigate through them

First; everything looks absolutely bland, no personality at all, the most amount of personality

you'll see on the site is the fact you can change the color of the buttons and go into dark mode

Yeah, you can still put a profile picture, cover and a bio, but that's something that every site

in the goddamn existence has, and Twitter does the bare minimum

What's that? You want to put more than one link in your profile, because maybe not only you have

more than one website or platform, but it's just a nice thing to have? Tough luck, dumbass!

You'll either have to create some shit like a linktr.ee or make place for a pinned post that you

might already be using for stuff like comission sheets, which sucks

is it really that hard to add an option to add more than one website on your profile?

Newgrounds, however, let's you add up to 10 links on your page, and they can all be easily found

on your profile, and not only that, but you can also edit and give the links actual names so they're

not only displaying the URL, but an actual title or explanation of what the website linked is used for

AND IT DOESN'T END THERE, you can actually change so much about your experience on the website

like filtering content you'd like to see, from SFW and NSFW content, to tags and things you wouldn't

like to stumble upon, from the way you page looks not only for you, but for everyone that visits it

by giving pages a lot of color options, from the background color, header color and even the links



Yeah, you do need to pay for NG Supporter in order to change the shape of your icon or your level badge

but everything else is pretty much free, it gives you a lot of things to make your page unique from any

other, even allowing you to put custom pronouns if you're into this sort of shit, which allows you to get

REALLY WACKY with your profile

and even with all of that, Newgrounds is just oozing with colors and life, the first thing you see when

you get into the site are cool site backgrounds made by talented users that shows everything the site is

all about or the current thing that's happening in the community right now, such as Pico Day

and navigating through it isn't difficult at all too, it's very simple and straightforward to use it

everything you need to find is either in your own profile or even in front of your face, it doesn't

fill the site with useless features like Lists, Explore or any of this bullshit, it's just the necessary

and a little bit more, so why can't the other sites be like that too?

Going a little bit outside of the profiles and customization, the way your feed works is so obnoxious

You followed an artist because you thought their art is cool? Have fun having your timeline filled with

useless retweets and quote retweets about some shit you don't care about, or you see an unwanted post on

your feed because the same artist liked that one post or because they replied to it, and even after you

mute them, unwanted shit still pops out in your feed because Twitter keeps recommending you tags and

annoying garbage "based on your likings" even though you already clicked to dismiss it countless times

Filtering your timeline on Twitter is fucking annoying, and even scrolling through the medias of someone

when trying to find their art is unecessarily awful because they don't show only the stuff they posted

directly into their timeline, they show all of the images and videos they posted THROUGH THE ENTIRETY

OF THE SITE, INCLUDING REPLIES, making the media tab incredibly convoluted and obnoxious to scroll

take all of that in consideration, with the fact that even when you follow someone specifically for

their art, you're still going to have your feed invaded with unwanted shit like shitty political takes

because filtering stuff on Twitter is a fucking shore

But that isn't even with the worst part about it

Let's talk about the users and the moderation of the site

The people using Twitter are, in the best way to put it; insufferable and stupid

You'll get into arguments for the stupidest shit you could ever imagine, like how someone got mad at me

because I said that Sonic.EXE OCs are the laziest shit, and I stumbled upon them on about five different

posts about the same topic, trying their hardest to defend what's essentially a shitty creepypasta

or how people will obsess and go crazy over the unfunniest shit of the moment, and you'll see the same

thing on your feed every few seconds to the point that even if you initially found it funny, you'll end

up hating it because of how people drive the joke into the fucking ground

The worst thing is that the concepts of opinions are non-existant in there

This sounds like an exaggeration, but people will get genuinely irate at you because you said you don't

like a certain thing or a certain someone, to the point they'll legitimately turn any situatio that

could be solved privately into a shitshow for no fucking reason at all besides the fact they don't

know how to handle situations like a functioning human being, so they decide that turning anything

and everything into a school drama is the only way to handle things

But would you believe me if I told you that's not even the worst part?

Now let's talk about the genuinely awful moderation in there

First of all; let's keep in mind that the unfunny tesla man said that when he bought the plaftorm

he'd give everyone the right to speak freely, and I know I shouldn't be surprised about a rich guy

lying on the internet, that's the expected, but I at least expected the slightest of improvements

either on the bans or the systems surrounding them, but somehow, I think it only got fucking worse

It's okay to make a mob to cancel someone (which by the way, stop being a fucking moron, cancellation

does jackshit to the person you're trying to cancel besides give them even more attention, the complete

opposite of what you're trying to achieve when trying to cancel someone, you fucking retard) but when

I tell a random guy to kill himself on his replies, my account is instantly locked

I'm sorry, how the fuck is a rando telling you to kill yourself on your replies somehow gets you in

trouble while a guy trying to make a mob to essentially ruin someone's life doesn't even land them a

slap on their shoulders? and honestly, if you can't handle some random guy on Twitter telling you to

kill yourself, when you have multiple options to choose from, from ignoring, blocking them, or doing

like any sane person would and just not give a shit, you definitely shouldn't on the internet, period.

But it gets worse.

A few hours ago, some random guy was saying some schizo shit on a post because an FnF' mod didn't had

any lore on it, you know, basic FnF' fan type of shit, and I legitimately just said;

"its a fucking mod you schizo you it doesn't need to be that deep lmao"

And I moved on with my night.

That is, until an hour later, when I got notified that my account got locked for 11 hours

For calling someone, a schizo.

I was already pretty pissed about the fact that I got locked out of my account for no good reason

but I was still willing to give the site a chance, I could wait, specially since I could still

scroll through my timeline afterall, and after 11 hours, everything would be fine

Except the fact that when I tried to like a post, it didn't allow me, because my account was suspended



I'd be absolutely fine if I couldn't comment or quote retweet anything, but the fact that a basic

and harmless feature is locked away from you legitimately disgusts me

Imagine getting banned from reviewing on Newgrounds for a week, and out of the sudden, you're unable

to vote or favorite anything on the site. do you see how fucking ridiculous it is?

And you might be here thinking; "W-well, you shouldn't be mean, it costs 0 dollars to not be a dick"

Guess what dipshit, it's also free to be an asshole, and at times, it's way more fun than not being one.

I always hated this kind of mentality, the "always be positive and never voice your opinions if you're

being negative in the slightest, even if what you're saying is valid criticism or not"

Always being positive is not a good thing, we need negativity in our lifes in order to improve, there's

many times that negative opinions/criticism will help you far more than someone patting you on the back

for being mediocre, there's at times that an "asshole" might bring valid points that might genuinely

help tons of other people because all of the "nice ones" were afraid to voice what they were really

thinking, and even if you don't like what the other is saying, even if you think that the other person

is being too mean, you still shouldn't shut them down

Everyone should have the right to speak their mind, no matter if you like it, are offended by it or not

It's why our world is so interesting, it's how new ideas are formed and how we evolve as people

and there's a lot of things that I think that are absolutely ridiculous, things that legitimately piss

me off due to how dumb they are, and yet, I don't think anybody deserves to be censored just because

"I" find it stupid, because if I was going by that logic, other people should be able to do the same

the same with me and instantly dismiss anything I said because they simply don't like it

I can challenge them, have a discussion, try to change their views or even just straight up ignore them

but the moment I try and shut them down is the moment I fail as everything a human being should be

creatures that are constantly evolving, and you won't evolve by living in an echo chamber, you evolve

through life experiences and interactions that challenge you, and if there's no challenge, what's even

the point of existance, when everything is safe and there's no stakes in anything you do or say?

Am I saying that you should be free of consequences for the things you say? Fuck no.

If you try and call some random guy in the street a faggot, you shouldn't be surprised if you ever

find yourself missing a few teeths, or even wind up dead.

You should be free to say whatever you want, but remember that consequences still exist.

This kind of shit just made me appreciate places like Newgrounds even more, because even though

Newgrounds has a lot of problems on itself when it comes to a lot of the new users and the current

moderation, but at the same time, you barely have to hold yourself back, if ever.

One of my friends straight up does nothing but be mean and zero bomb submissions on the reviews

and yet most if not all of his reviews are still there, with the few that actually got removed

was straight up because he dropped a racial slur or two in there, but he's still there, doing

god's work and being mean to people on the reviews, god bless america (i dont live there idk)

In general, I feel like Twitter limits individuality a lot. I understand why people use it, specially

since if you need to promote your stuff or make it big in the art world, you most likely need the

audience from there, but I feel like in many ways, you have to drop whatever you want to do and force

yourself to do what everyone else is doing in order to have any ounce of success in there

while I feel if you meet the right people on Newgrounds or even if just a random guy stumbles upon

your submission and puts it on the frontpage suggestion, you have a chance to be the next big name

in there, everyone feels equal, like we all have the opportunity to shine for doing our own things

instead of trying to ride the wave like everyone else is

I don't want to call anyone a hack for hustling out there, at times you gotta do what you gotta do

and you're not a bad person for doing so, but seeing people limiting themselves because of numbers

will never sadden me

So, after all of these terrible experiences, I just deactivated my account, and quitted

Ironically, the event that led to me deactivating my account, happened a day before my birthday

In a way, it feels weirdly "ironic", I think that's the word I'm looking for

I'm now 21 at the time of posting this

I'm pretty much the same thing, and barely anything will change in my life, but it's still

a new chapter in my life nonetheless, new opportunities to get dissapointed at, new enemies to

to be made, and harder times to face, all of that, and the fact I'm now legally allowed to drink

in the states, but that's about it, it's just another day, and an unfortunate reminder that I still

have a lot to live and die for

I'm not sure what I want for me or for my life yet, but I'm going to make it happen, probably.

But, once again, we hit a roadblock

There's more tomorrow, there's more to come

We'll see each other again on the other side of the road

Until then, take it easy

I regret nothing.