The Philosophy Of The Website

Posted on August 7, 2022, 19:22

Last updated on August 10, 2022, 01:23

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Holy shit... how far we've come, haven't we?

From having barely to no understanding of making a website and barely any content to back it up

To having a fully fledged, polished website with even it's own domain

At times I tend to forget the time flies when you're not looking.

It's been about 4 months since this website went up

A lot happened since then, a lot of good, and a lot of bad, and a lot of lessons have been learned

both when it comes to making this site and life in general, and instead of making a rant on how

I hate people and myself in here again, I'll talk about something more fun and that I'm actually

very interested in talking about, so let's sit down and take a look on how so much chan change

in so little time.

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I've always been interested on making my own website ever since I was little, I'd look around websites

like the Mystical Forest Zone and I'd be amazed on how those websites looked back in the day, and even

after so many years, they still cross through my head from time to time because of the nostalgia I have

for everything made around that era, because everything had this slick artstyle, it felt incredibly

modern and digital, and everything, from buttons, to site layout, it almost felt like a door into

the future, and things looked great

Until it didn't when Web 2.0 came around and everything started to fall apart

If you want to know more about my distaste for Web 2.0 and most of the things that sprouted along

with it, my other blog post I made about it explains everything, but all

you need to know now, is that what was supposed to be a fun new era for the internet, turned into

everyone trying to make things purely based on profit and attention, instead of making it just for

the fun of it or because they had a passion for it, everything had to be professional or have some

sort of profitability behind it, and this absolutely killed a lot of the more amateur content that

I and others used to create and consume, and in my opinion, the amateur content had a lot of

soul behind it, and the fact it's now mostly gone since you didn't had the chance to compete with

the bigger media unless you somehow managed to make yourself look "professional", means that a lot

of poeple lost their incentive to create content just for fun and passion, or cool websites, like

the ones where you'd hop in to read some guy talk about DooM and download WADs or sprites were

suddenly gone, and what we had in the place of those were dull, boring, souless sites that strived

to be as awful and lazy as they possibly get away with, and I always hated this, with one of the

biggest offenders being YouTube to the point they even removed the whole thing in which you could

customize the HTML and CSS of your channel, ROBLOX is up there too, if not worse

but that's a whole other can of worms, I'm sincerely not ready to talk about yet.

Still, this era of the web has been incredibly miserable, while the first era was incredibly

optimistic, this era is incredibly pessimistic and nihilist by comparision, and this might

might sound incredibly ironic coming from me, but I hate it.

I know I've hammered this point down like, five times already, but I can't put enough

emphasis on people don't make content for fun anymore, it's either for profit or because

they want to complain about some stupid fucking drama over a guy that said the N word

I liked when people complaining about stuff was over superficial shit like how the newest

Sonic game sucks, or how SuperMarioLogan is not funny on some random DooM forum, but this

kind of stuff is long gone, and I always wanted to bring it back, but changing the world

all by yourself, no matter how small that world might be, is very fucking hard

But I could still make some sort of change, even if there's no one else there to see it

Luckily, I've met a lot of great friends that absolutely changed things for me

and one of them helped me spark my interest on those things again, enough for me to

actually bother to learn it for good this time

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Octo's old website was extremely simple all things considered, but I still loved that

website just because of it's design and intent

It was just a website Octo made probably in a few days with a website template he grabbed

somewhere around the internet, but it instantly reminded of when I'd hop into some older

websites to download DooM mods or just check the crazy shit people would post on a daily

basis on some crazy website I found linked on a YouTube description, and Octo's site

became one of the sites I'd come to visit on a daily basis besides Newgrounds and YouTube

just because of how much I enjoyed the novelty of it, but the design wasn't the only thing

that kept me coming back...

It was the amount of weird things Octo did with his little website

He would make dumb new features and sections like the infamous gay list, and he'd even

leave little secrets and eastereggs hidden through his website and the sourcecode for

me to find it, and seeing Octo updating his website with new content always excited me

I never knew what was going to happen or what I was going to find next, and although

most of it was just a silly inside-joke within the code, I still really liked it

And that got me thinking...

"Man, now I really want to make my own website, how hard could it be?"

And the thought stuck in my head for a while, and when I realised that pretty much

everyone else around me was learning HTML and CSS, or just coding in general, I didn't

want to stay behind, and that gave me enough incentive for me to finally learn how to

use HTML and CSS to build my own website from the ground up, since I didn't want to use

things like Wix to make my website, since I always felt they'd never allow me to put the

personality I wanted into my website, so I asked around for a few sites that could help

me learning it, and I start messing around with things, just calling a few friends for

help here and there whenever the answer wasn't exactly obvious

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And that for the night and the next day I worked on the site nonstop, with the help of

a few sites, a few friends, a lot of experimentation, I've essentially learned how to

use HTML and CSS overnight (which I'm very proud of despite how basic it is btw), and

the site was up and running, at the time, I didn't know what I wanted for it and for

it's future, but I knew one thing for sure; I wanted it, and everything in the site

to have a personal touch, I wanted everyone that stumbled upon this website to be

like "Oh, that's June!" even if they were just scrolling by, and I wanted things

to feel meaningful, I wanted people to get into this website and think about it years

later in the future and go; "Oh yeah, that website was pretty cool!" just like me

I wanted it to be special, both for me and to whoever stumbled upon it

Everything I would do with or for this website would have to be something I'm actually

interested or passionate about, no half-assing, no laziness, I wanted to make so

things would feel interesting and personal, even if no one else gave a shit about it

I would, and that's the rule I live by; I do the things in here mainly for myself

entertaining someone else is just a satisfying conclusion to an already rewarding "job"

There has been countless times in which I've scrapped essentially finished pages, because

I simply didn't feel the passion through them, they might be good for a read, but if it

wasn't for me, I wouldn't want it here, I wanted something I'd be proud to look at even

after the fact, something I'd look back even after months and still be proud of it, because

I'd be able to tell that a lot of effort and love went into it, and I want everyone else to

feel the same, to see something in here, and hopefully, whatever they see in here, isn't

gone of their heads in the next day, it sticks around, and that you'd maybe leave this place

knowing more than you did before you got in, and in many ways, this is also the reason why it

takes so long for new posts and updates to come out, if they're not substantial, I don't see

why they should be in here, everything has to be meaningful, even if that meaning is subtle

And the design of the site is also inheritely linked with this philosophy aswell

In my head, at least someone out there has accessed this website for the first time and went

"Holy shit, this is mega awesome!" because it either reminded them of Web 1.0, when DooM sites

were the hot shit, or because they felt that whatever they're looking at, has personality and

soul behind it, and if by any means this is the case, then my job was well done

I've explained this countless times, but this site was born both for my love of old websites

from when I started to use the internet, and my disdain on how boring and souless everything has

become nowadays, I've built the site and the content in it with love, but I'm proving my point

that everyone else is opting to be lazy and uninspired out of spite, to prove that it didn't need

to be like that, we could still have cool looking things, we could still make things for fun

just making things based if you can profit out of it will always be something I despise

A lot of people I know have asked me

"If you're not profiting of your website, why do you even have one to begin with?"

and this will always sadden me, no matter how many times I might have heard it

I'm not saying that you shouldn't profit out of your work, if you can find a way to win something

through your passion, I'd say you should go for it, but making profit should never be the sole

reason for you to do things or to sacrifice artistic value

I despise the modern mentality of things being utterly meaningless unless you can find a way to

earn money through it, even if it ends up ruining the whole spirit of the thing, and that's one

of the main things I also knew from the very beginning that I wanted for my website and all things

done by me in general; if I can find a way to earn something through the things I do, that's fine

but the things I do are first and foremost made for fun and out of passion, and I'll NEVER sacrifice

the merit of the fun and the care of my works in order to make some cash money here and there

There's no shame in doing things just for fun, even if people don't think the same

In general, there's a lot of things that I like that a lot of people, including my own friends think

are "cringe", but I don't see shame in liking them all, but that's honestly ok, everyone is cringe in

some way or another, but even when being cringe, people will respect passion, and if you have fun with

something, if you're passionate about it, eventually, people will feel the passion aswell

In general, this is the website's philosophy; passion

Passion for the things I like

Passion for the things I dislike

Passion for when I first started browsing the internet

Passion for learning new things

Passion for the friends and people I've met along the way that impacted

and are still impacting my life

Passion for all the things that make me the person I am today

either that's a thing to be proud of or not.

I've built this site with love and care, and even with all the troubles it has gone through

Including me being a disaster of a person, it changed and evolved with me, and it still continues to

even when I threw the towel here and there

But I don't think feeling down is any reason to be ashamed

I don't think it's bad to recognize your limits and maybe even give up here and there, however

I do see shame in not trying again, and that's what I've been doing

I've thrown the towel countless times, and I've come to get it back every time

Always saying it's the last time, but I'm always lying, and I always come back to try again

And I think this site in many ways is the culmination of all of these attempts

From a barebones website, to what I'd consider something truly refined and special

I was expecting it to be abandoned in a few weeks, but it's still up and going, with more things

to come, and looking back at when it first started, really makes me proud, because my efforts

paid off, and now, I have something truly incredible at my hands

I'll probably get burned out of it again, and I'll give up again, but I'll come back again

I always do.

It's only been 4 months, but I'm legitimately happy about everything accomplished in such

short amount of time, and there's more to come

For the few amount of people that still bother to read these or keep up with the website:

Thank you for being badass!

And to Octo; I told you I wouldn't abandon the site after a while

I just wish you could do the same for your websites, faggot!

But once again, I must go, I need to rest after

a whole day of doing absolutely nothing

but don't you worry, I'll (probably...?) be back very soon (Don't count on it.)

Until we meet again!