If you're seeing this, you're probably wondering... where's the goddamn website?
and the answer is very simple; it's getting completely redesigned

But why's that?

To make a long story short, my first site was incredibly poorly built (mostly due to the fact I pretty much made it-
overnight with the little knowledge I learned by looking into quick tutorials from various different sites and with a
little bit of help from my friends) and now that I look back into it, I'm incredibly mixed about it, because on-
one hand, I still think the aesthetic and a lot the ideas are pretty cool, but on the other, the execution leaves
A LOT to be desired, mostly due to the code being an unsalvagable mess.

So it's getting remade with a better design, better ideas, and a more refined design and code for the site
and with that, the site will also be a little more mobile friendly, although I don't EVER plan to directly focus on
mobile support, due to my disdain for mobile and mobile development

When is it coming out?

I'll try to bring the site up back again by early 2023, but I also don't want to rush things
I want to sit down, and try to learn and refine my skills as much as possible, to try and bring the best experience
I could possibly deliver, and try and think about new features, and how to better implement them
and that takes a lot of time, time that I'm unfortunately (and fortunately) running out of due to the fact I now
have a full-time job which I'll be starting by January 2nd, so there's a lot going on right now, but it's not entirely
a bad thing, since with a job, I could afford better equipment, and have money to keep the site running by myself
and maybe even have money to spend on events, and other cool stuff for everyone, so it's not all bad

How was 2022, for me, and for the website?

2022 was an incredibly mixed bag
on one hand, it was an extremely stressful year for me, with a lot of personal ongoings affecting my life in drastically
different ways, many of them being absolutely bad, but it's also one of the few years in which I feel like I've developed
my abilities in any meaningful way, and my productivity was in an all time high, specially when I finally got the
JuneSSai.net domain, officially getting the site up and running for real, and man, what a feeling that was

And in a lot of ways, I feel like a more complete person more than I ever did in these past few years
I'm now the owner of the house I'm currently living, even if it's a pretty shitty house
I've grew a spine once again, and I feel like I'm confident about myself and my life once again
I've met tons of cool people, and rekindled old friendships, even if I did end up losing some along the way
and lots of other things I don't want to get in detail right now, but overall, it was a pretty decent year
all things considered, and that's also thanks to YOU.

YOU, that supported the site and my endeavors, YOU, the person that was a good friend to me when I needed it the most
YOU know who you are, and you're pretty cool for that, so thank you.

What Is The Future?

Through a good portion of these past few years, I've been obsessed with the past, trying my hardest to
grasp myself into the past, trying to relive that feeling of nostalgia and the familiar as much as I could
Hell, Nostalgia WAS the whole point of the website when I first created it, it was the whole point

But I want to do something better this time
Instead of living in the past, I want to live the future
I don't want to forget the past, but instead, I want to use it as a lesson, a basis to improve on the things I've built
in here, in order to evolve, instead of just remembering how good everything was

The future is here and now, and soon, we're all going to be living it.

Wrapping Another Year

And that was it for this year, once again
Thanks for sticking around, and I hope you're enjoying your holidays, and hopefully, next year will treat you better
and I hope it treats me better too.

Happy Holidays
And a Happy New Year
I'll see you around.

Your Pal
-June S. Sai