"He died alone in the field one summer morning...

six weeks later, a sunflower grew out of his eye."

Welcome to my site, the site where I'll post all sorts of different shit

Either it's posts about me rambling about some dumb bullshit you might not be interested into

Or me talking about things I just like or don't, if it's in my mind, it's very likely in here too.

My site is being updated semi-frequently, with more pages and features being added

whenever I get the idea, time and patience to do so, so who knows what's waiting for you tomorrow?

Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay! make sure to leave a message on the guestbook too!

Today's Daily Message

I'm the sexiest and coolest man alive, both online and offline!

Today's Daily Music Recommendation

Primus - The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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